Borderlines by Panaibra Gabriel Canda is inspired by 16 years of civil war history in Mozambique and by today’s world of ethnic and religious wars, regime changes and by the utopia of a new world order. Borderlines is a search around the behaviour of the human being and a look at the body as a territory to be occupied. Interpersonal relationships associated with concepts such as physicality and territorial integrity, desire and repulsion, freedom and imposition, superiority and domination that lead to conflict, questioning where differences can be placed in a relationship of co-habitation and interdependence. “The performers are part of a collective story, as well as myself,” says Panaibra. They explore the issue of boundaries, seeking balance in the relationship between the individual and the other. They tell a story of violence whose overcoming seems utopian. A man who needs crutches off the stage and three women, one of whom has her legs amputated, transform their painful experiences into powerful scenes. A captivating choreography full of gentle affection and relentless rejection. A dance of prejudice against origin and gender, faith and religion.

Duration: 60 min.

A production by Panaibra Gabriel  Canda/CulturArte.