On the occasion of the 200 years since the Greek Revolution, U(R)TOPIAS seeks to revisit the contemporary “utopias”. The Greek Revolution was an utopia that became reality 200 years later. Today, this seems inconceivable.
Utopia is defined as an imagined community or society that possesses desirable, nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. The word comes from Greek, où (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) and means “no-place”.

The work seeks to discover these ideas based on the knowledge of the past. Utopia becomes for them „Ur-topia“. The prefix „Ur“ – that means ancient, primitive, prototype – symbolizes the path for the definition of a new utopia which revisits our history. What kind of utopias do we need to invent and construct in the 21st century? What kind of citizenship do we imagine in a non-place, boundaries, frontiers, countries etc.? U(R)TOPIAS are the imaginary and ideal places where a society/community can find an ideal way of life, balance, paradise, by learning from the facts of the history and re-read it.

And this is why our Urtopia begins by re-reading our history. And after we manage to discover parts or fragments of the old, we will try to embody our own ideas so that we reinvent new ways to fight and resist. To imagine independence. To realize the fight. To stand the fall. U(R)TOPIAS is dance and revolution, the past and the present.

Duration: 70 min

A production by Aerites Dance Company and Techni coros theatre company. With the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Premiere 12th November 2021, Olympia Municipal Theatre Maria Callas Athens.