Time Takes The Time Time Takes

Time Takes The Time Time Takes is a physical dynamic conversation through movement repetitions and pendulum leitmotiv that embodies mechanisms measuring time and space. A journey of dangling movements that burst into different encounters evolving towards a perpetual mobile. An ongoing wheel that suggests time as a continuum. Time Takes The Time Time Takes contemplates time as a fundamental concept through the repetition and accumulation of oscillations, creating complex mechanisms and constellations in space and time. A physical, poetic and choreographic manifestation that proposes a perceptual experience through persistence and perseverance, evoking an eternal present rooted in materials and forms.

Duration: 60 min.

A Production by Raqscene. In coproduction with Mercat de les Flors. With support by Graner- fàbrica de creació, L’Estruch, CO2 Festival, La Caldera- Centre de creació de dansa i arts escèniques contemporànies, Paso a 2 and Universidad Carlos III. In collaboration with Departament de Cultura /ICEC, AC/E (PICE), Minestry of Culture/INAEM. Acknowledgments: Fàtima Campos, Miquel Fiol, Alexis Eupierre. First creation phase created with the dancers Francesco Barba and Charlotte Mathiessen.