Chatsworth is the name of one of the Indian townships in Durban where Indian immigrants were relocated during apartheid. In Chatsworth, Constanza Macras is interested in showing the diverse ways that the Indian diaspora has found to relate to the intersections of multiculturalism, the global and the local. Traditional Indian dance and drama entangle with contemporary forms and subject matter. Musicals are the common ground on which cultural appropriation is not condemned but seemingly necessary. Through the lens of Bollywood, the performers immerse in a universe of assimilation, transformation and resilience: the diasporic self.

Duration: 110 min.

A production by Constanza Macras | Dorkypark in coproduction with Tanz im August, HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin) and Soweto Theatre (Johannesburg).  Funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and by the State of Berlin – Senate Department for Culture and Europe.