Cementary, premiered in 2017, visits one more time the urban environment and labyrinth, but this time, Patricia Aprgi and her company focuse more on the idea of the dwelling of the city. What is it like to be homeless and to live on the streets? What is the significance of „empty spaces“ in a city? How can these spaces be re-used and recycled? And what kind of dance can be born there?

Cementary is an imaginary city. A city that belongs to the future, using the contemporary issues and the nowadays examples. Cementary is a city that survived crisis although still mourns for its victims. It is the city of blending, the city where voices scream underneath the cements. Cementary is the future, even though today we are unable to imagine it.

For this piece, Patricia is re-approaching classical ballet, using it as a tool/example in order to create a kinetic vocabulary which could be described as the “lyricism of hardship” Α contradictory and provocative language, but at the same time a language that could be understood by anyone, where any “body” can fit anywhere.

With Cementary, Patricia and the performers want to devise their own city of their dreams, their own world, which might allow us to ponder, even for a little while, on our future.


Duration: 70 min.


A production by Aerites Dance Company and Onassis Cultural Center, Athens. In coproduction with Maison de la Danse, Lyon, Centro Cultural Villa Flor, Guimaraes and O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo.