In PROJETO bRASIL, companhia brasileira de teatro draw a very complex picture of Brazil far off Copacabana and carneval. For two years, the company travelled through all brazilian regions (North, North-east, Middle-west, South-east and South) in order to meet people and collect their stories and memories through interviews and exchanges. In associatively juxtaposed scenes they take the audience on a journey through the recent history of Brasil and create a humorous and intelligent reflection about the actual situation of South America´s biggest country. For that, the five actors and musicians use texts and contributions of political debates around the topics of a latinamerican unity, the globalization and the introduction of gay marriage. Since its premiere in January 2015, the piece has been staged in various brazilian cities and was presented in 2016 in Dresden and Frankfurt in the frame of the festival „Projeto Brasil“. PROJETO bRASIL is the piece of our times, the utopia of an artistic implementation and application of courageous realpolitical experiments in the midst of pure dystopia, crisis and black hole. Marcio Abreu is considered one of the most gifted and courageous theatre authors and directors of Brazil.

In Portuguese with German and English subtitles.

Duration: 60 min.

A production of companhia brasileira de teatro. Supported by Petrobras.