My body of coming forth by day

With My body of coming forth by day Olivier Dubois presents an intimate solo exploring the hidden corners of the body’s memory and its ability to tell us a story of art. The body as a souvenir.

My body as a long memory and a long sorrow of art. I hold inside of me thousands of movements, gestures, positions, intentions, feelings … liters of sweat, of bleeding, hundreds of wounds, scars, a pack of joy, and pain. But what is left of all of that? What do I remember? Where the memory of my body can lead me? Which part of my story as a performer can tell about history of art?!
 Yes, the history of Performing Art is composed by millions of bodies stories! Should I consider myself as an art piece and even more as a monstrous master piece? And if so, how much would you value this?

– Olivier Dubois

Duration: between 60 min and 2,5 hours

A production by COD – Compagnie Olivier Dubois. In Coproduction with Festival Breaking Walls / Le Caire. Olivier Dubois is associated artist of CENTQUATRE, Paris. COD – Compagnie Olivier Dubois is supported by Ministère de la Culture – Direction générale de la création artistique – délégation à la Danse.