I Feel You

In I Feel You, a group of people search for access to complex feelings such as empathy and excitement through the infinite possibilities of today’s entertainment media. Starting from the nature of digital space and its effects on interpersonal interaction, the choreography is created with the help of neurophysiological findings. It is about the phenomenon that the perception of physical movements, caused by certain emotions of the moving person, generate the same emotions in the observer. This means that we actually feel with the other person-in the truest sense of the word, we can “empathise” with them.

The choreography becomes a search for what activates our brain in our body as a result of having such mirror reactions. Empathy is also treated musically by incorporating genres of classical and pop music, which paradigmatically serve as aesthetically exaggerated empathy catalysts. What is it about them that touches people so strongly, and how is it that massive emotional responses can be generated by mere melodic and rhythmic formulas that linger in our ears and cause an entire opera house or stadium to be flooded with a collective flow of tears?

I Feel You is a creation by and with the five permanent dancers of the company DorkyPark (and a guest dancer) and the collaborative work of musician Santiago Blaum, whose compositions are performed live by the performers. The performance is conceived for non-theatrical spaces as well as conventional stages.


Duration: 80 minutes


A production by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark. Funded by the Department of Culture and Europe of the Senate of Berlin.