Enveloped in seemingly arbitrary movement, Batsheva dancers test their individual boundaries creating a composition of force, speed and passion. Ohad Naharin’s ongoing process of dance investigation is nourished by his infinite curiosity, sharp intuition and fascination with the body and movement.


You don´t go to a piece by Ohad Naharin anticipating thematic consistencybut you do expect that he will use one of the world´s great modern dance ensembles to the fullest. „Three“ trumped those expectations by reconceiving Batsheva techniquenot lessening the company´s justly celebrated hunger for movement but making the company´s style supremely articulate“. (Lewis Segal, LA Times, 6. November 2006)  

Naharin´s humanity is felt throughout the night. Men and women are represented in realistic ways – not idealizednot fantasized, just human beings unleashed. People fully expressing who they are. Through the vision and imagination of one of the finest choreographers of our time, we witness a rare event – fleetingvivid. A porwerful moment in the theatreWe leave inspiredwe will think about certain images for days to come, we leave changedTheir passion that night becomes a little bit ours“. (Benjamin Millepied, Opera de Paris, 7. Januar 2016) 


Duration: 70 min.