One One One

What can two chairs and two lines on the ground signify?
In One One One, the two chairs are provided for two viewers who are invited to experience something unique. At the other end of each line, there is a performer ready to dance for them. The artists invite those watching to make eye contact with them and, based on this interaction, translate their emotions into a form of dance, a „dancing envelope“, a kind of mirror. In doing so, they treat the spectators to a new dance experience which questions roles and boundaries and which, though public, remains utterly private.

One One One suggests a specific relation to the public, different from conventional theater performances. The choreographers take over the public space as a field for experimentation and non-representation. The performers engage physically and mentally destabilizing a certain idea of reality, which allows them to explore their limits or their relationship to transgression.

Bringing subversive humour and endlessly shape-shifting movement to the performance, the two performers weave an intricate fan of emotions and images and create magical moments of interaction with the audience.


Duration: 120 min.


A production by Cie Ioannis Mandafounis. In coproduction with Prairie – Migros Cultural Percentage, Tanzfest 2015. Supported by City of Geneva, State of Geneva, Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia and Corodis – Lottery romande.