NU offers the spectator to experience nudity in its simplest form, yet in an unusual, participatory way.

The dancer invites the spectator to take part in a ritual where both get undressed at the same time, thus sharing their nudity in the safety of an intimate space, where the spectator can witness the dancing body while experiencing his/her own nudity, dancing or not.

With NU, the choreographers wish to explore the question of nudity in order to challenge the pre-conceived ideas that come with it, just like naturalism or aestheticism, but also the issues we quickly associate to it: provocation, voyeurism and sexuality.

Here, nudity is not used to represent something else than what it is, or to convey a message. It simply allows the spectator to share some sensations and emotions with the dancer for the time of their non-sexual but intimate exchange.


A production by Cie Ioannis Mandafounis. In co-production with Performa festival and Prairie Migros Pour-cent Culturel. Supported by the City of Geneva, State of Geneva and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council. Partners: Tanzhaus Zürich and Micro-Utopian Practices.