Its immediate visceral and kinetic impact mostly makes you want to jump onstage and dance, proclaimed The New York Times about the original Decadance, created in 2000 by Batsheva Dance Companyacclaimed artistic director Ohad Naharin in celebratation of the 10th anniversary of Ohad Naharin at the Company. 

In Decadance, Ohad Naharin takes sections from different works from the last 20 years. “Deca” stands on the one hand for the 10 years (lat. “Decem” = ten), on the other hand for the 10 dance units. Featuring intimate duets to exhilarating full company pieces against a soundtrack veering from Vivaldi to Dean Martin, this evolving retrospective is regularly reshaped each time it is staged. “It’s like I am quoting only either the beginning, middle or ending of many stories, yet, my task is to create a coherent whole new story” says Ohad Naharin.

Decadance features selected excerpts from the following works by Ohad Naharin: Kyr (1990), Anaphase (1993), Sabotage Baby (1997), Naharin’s Virus (2001), Kamuot (2003), Mamootot (2003), Three (2005), George and Zalman (2006), Max (2007), Seder (2007), Sadeh21 (2011).


Duration: 75 min.