Cie Olivier Dubois (FR)

Living between Paris and Cairo for many years, Olivier Dubois, together with four dancers and three musicians, draws a unique vision of Egypt today. A musical genre that emerged from the Egyptian revolution of 2011 and is a mixture of local rhythms, rap and electrothe so-called “mahraganat” revitalises the hearts of the country. Itmahrag transform this genre of the young Egyptian generation into a vital dancegiving visibility to the body and voice of today’s Egypt, which carries the boldness of youth. 


Duration: 75 min.


A production by COD – Compagnie Olivier Dubois. Itmahrag is implemented in partnership with B’Sarya for arts in Egypt.

In coproduction by Le CentQuatre-Paris / Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse / Biennale de la danse de Lyon 2021 / Théâtre Paul Eluard (TPE) de Bezons, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national « Art et Création » – danse / Escales Danse, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national « Art et Territoire » – danse / Maison de la Culture d’Amiens – Pôle européen de création et de production / Théâtre de Nîmes – scène conventionnée d’intérêt national – Danse contemporaine / Les Halles de Schaerbeek / JuliDans Amsterdam Festival / RomaEuropa Festival / La Filature, Scène nationale de Mulhouse / Scène conventionnée de Limoges / Festival Paris l’Eté / Festival euro-scene Leipzig, Germany.

With the support of D-CAF Orient Production / The Arab World Institute in Paris / Arab Arts Focus & Studio Emad Eddin Stiftelsen / La SPEDIDAM, société de perception et de distribution qui gère les droits des artistes-interprètes en matière d’enregistrement, de diffusion et de réutilisation des prestations enregistrées / Région Île-de-France / TOD’S.

The training phase was co-funded by the European Union in collaboration with EUNIC. With the support of the French Institute in Paris.

COD is supported by the French Ministry of Culture. Olivier Dubois is an associate artist at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, at Théâtre Paul Eluard (TPE) de Bezons, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national « Art et Création » – danse, from 2019, and at Théâtre de Nîmes – scène conventionnée d’intérêt national – Danse contemporaine from 2020.

Artistic direction & choreography
Olivier Dubois

Creation Assistant
Cyril Accorsi

Ali Abdelfattah, Mohand Qader, Moustafa Jimmy, Mohamed Toto

Ali elCaptin, Ibrahim X, Shobra Elgeneral

François Caffenne & Ali elCaptin

Technical direction
François Michaudel

Light design
Emmanuel Gary

Set design
Olivier Dubois & Paf atelier

Tropismes, the new creation by Olivier Dubois, is the last part of Olivier Dubois’ trilogy based on The Divine Comedy by Dante (after Les Mémoires d´un seigneur and 7 x Rien). Carried by the irrepressible desire of (sur)vival, the piece unfolds like a ballroom for two hours with a constant intensity, producing a real electrisation of space. Rallying together in the extreme, the eight performers – four women and four men – create a vibrant organic constellation looking for a possible sun to escape the darkness of the night.

Duration: 120 min.

A production by COD – Compagnie Olivier Dubois. In Coproduction Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS, Centre Chorégraphique National de Roubaix Hauts-de-France, ATER –  Associazone Teatrale Emilia Romagna, Pôle Arts de la Scène – Friche la Belle de Mai. Supported by la Spedidam. This event has received the suppot of La Région Île-de-france, L’Arsenal Val de Reuil and Théâtre Paul Eluard de Bezons.

Olivier Dubois

Assistant Creation
Karine Girard

Cyril Accorsi, Marie laure Caradec, Steven Hervouët, Aimée Lagrange, Sophie Lèbre, Sébastien Ledig, Vianney Maignan, Sandra Savin and François Caffenne

François Caffenne

Emmanuel Gary

Light coordination
François Michaudel

Sound coordination
François Michaudel and Jean-Philippe Borgogno

Choreographic Notation
Estelle Corbière

With My body of coming forth by day Olivier Dubois presents an intimate solo exploring the hidden corners of the body’s memory and its ability to tell us a story of art. The body as a souvenir.

My body as a long memory and a long sorrow of art. I hold inside of me thousands of movements, gestures, positions, intentions, feelings … liters of sweat, of bleeding, hundreds of wounds, scars, a pack of joy, and pain. But what is left of all of that? What do I remember? Where the memory of my body can lead me? Which part of my story as a performer can tell about history of art?!
 Yes, the history of Performing Art is composed by millions of bodies stories! Should I consider myself as an art piece and even more as a monstrous master piece? And if so, how much would you value this?

– Olivier Dubois

Duration: between 60 min and 2,5 hours

A production by COD – Compagnie Olivier Dubois. In Coproduction with Festival Breaking Walls / Le Caire. Olivier Dubois is associated artist of CENTQUATRE, Paris. COD – Compagnie Olivier Dubois is supported by Ministère de la Culture – Direction générale de la création artistique – délégation à la Danse.

22/01/2019My body of coming forth by dayLe CENTQUATRE-PARIS
23/01/2019My body of coming forth by dayLe CENTQUATRE-PARIS
24/01/2019My body of coming forth by dayLe CENTQUATRE-PARIS
25/01/2019My body of coming forth by dayLe CENTQUATRE-PARIS
26/01/2019My body of coming forth by dayLe CENTQUATRE-PARIS
07/02/2019My body of coming forth by dayLa Scala Paris
08/02/2019My body of coming forth by dayLa Scala Paris
21/03/2019My body of coming forth by dayCultuurcentrum Brugge
13/04/2019My body of coming forth by dayThéâtre de Vanves
26/06/2019My body of coming forth by dayTeatro di Roma (IT)
27/06/2019My body of coming forth by dayTeatro di Roma (IT)
16/07/2019My body of coming forth by dayBolzano Danza (IT)
28/09/2019My body of coming forth by dayLa FuNdicIOn Bilbao (ES)
04/10/2019My body of coming forth by dayThéâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons (FR)
05/10/2019My body of coming forth by dayFestival La Becquée, Brest (FR)
11/10/2019My body of coming forth by dayThéâtre de L’Arsenal, Val de Reuil (FR)
13/10/2019My body of coming forth by daySpaziodanza, Cagliari (IT)
12/02/2020My body of coming forth by dayAgora de la danse, Montréal (CA)
13/02/2020My body of coming forth by dayAgora de la danse, Montréal (CA)
14/02/2020My body of coming forth by dayAgora de la danse, Montréal (CA)
15/02/2020My body of coming forth by dayAgora de la danse, Montréal (CA)
03/04/2020My body of coming forth by dayLe Montfort Théâtre, Paris (FR)
04/04/2020My body of coming forth by dayLe Montfort Théâtre, Paris (FR)
05/04/2020My body of coming forth by dayLe Montfort Théâtre, Paris (FR)
26/09/2020My body of coming forth by dayBelgrade Dance Festival, Belgrade (RS)
15/10/2020My body of coming forth by dayL'Avant Scène, Colombes (FR)
23/10/2020My body of coming forth by dayLa Biennale di Venezia (IT)
23/11/2020My body of coming forth by dayLes Tanneurs, Bruxelles (BE)
24/11/2020My body of coming forth by dayLes Tanneurs, Bruxelles (BE)
25/11/2020My body of coming forth by dayLes Tanneurs, Bruxelles (BE)
26/11/2020My body of coming forth by dayLes Tanneurs, Bruxelles (BE)
04/12/2020My body of coming forth by dayLe Monfort Théâtre, Paris (FR)
05/12/2020My body of coming forth by dayLe Monfort Théâtre, Paris (FR)
06/02/2021My body of coming forth by dayLe Phare, Le Havre (FR)
10/02/2021My body of coming forth by dayL'Étincelle, Rouen (FR)
11/02/2021My body of coming forth by dayL'Étincelle, Rouen (FR)
05/03/2021My body of coming forth by dayL'Orange Bleue, Eaubonne (FR)
06/03/2021My body of coming forth by dayLa barbacane, Beynes (FR)
20/03/2021My body of coming forth by dayMercat De Les Flors, Barcelona (ES)
21/03/2021My body of coming forth by dayMercat De Les Flors, Barcelona (ES)

Creation and performance
Olivier Dubois

Auguri deals with the search for happiness. Olivier Dubois explores the fate of humanity in dance. Analogous to the ancient practice of ornithomancy, which reads the future from the flight of birds, Olivier makes the stage an oracle of humanity. To do this, he lets his 22 dancers jump, run and hunt across to the energetic, symphonic music of François Caffenne. By using an extremely physical movement vocabulary and precise construction, great choreographic images emerge between utopia and warning in which a panorama of human existence unfolds.
Auguri is an invitation to follow the momentum of our destinies and the comprehension of humanity as a secret organization. In our dynamic, our trajectories we will find the world’s future. It is a mystical theorem.
– Olivier Dubois

Auguri is the last part of his trilogy “Étude critique pour un trompe l’oeil”.

Duration: 55 min

A production by Ballet du Nord – Olivier Dubois Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Hauts-de- France. In coproduction with Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, Kampnagel Hamburg, Théâtre National de Chaillot, Opéra de Lille, Grand Théâtre de Provence, Festival TorinoDanza, La Faïencerie- Théâtre, scène conventionnée de Creil. With the support of Institut Français of Istanbul and Fonds Transfabrik – Fonds franco- allemand pour le spectacle vivant. AirFrance and Levi’s support under the patronage.

Creation and choreography
Oliver Dubois

Cyril Accorsi

Light Design
Patrick Riou

François Caffenne

Assistant musical creation
Stéphane Magnin

Set design
Olivier Dubois

Technical direction
Robert Pereira

By and with
Aimée Lagrange, Antonin Rioche, Aurélie Mouilhade, Benjamin Bertrand, Camerone Bida, Clémentine Maubon, David Le Thaï , Inès Hernandez, Jacquelyn Elder, Karine Girard, Loren Palmer, Mathieu Calmelet, Mélodie Lasselin, Nicolas Sannier, Rémi Richaud, Sandra Savin, Sébastien Ledig, Sébastien Perrault, Steven Hervouët, Thierry Micouin, Virginie Garcia and Youness Aboulakoul

In Les Mémoires d’und seigneur ou l’homme disparu (Memories of a lord or the man who disappeared) Olivier Dubois focusses on the loneliness of the great of this world, calling up characters such as Caligula, Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan. All these characters are represented by the dancer Sébastien Perrault. Olivier tells his story: Glory, Decline and Farewell. In his glory days, the king speaks French, English, German and Russian. He is an ambitious hero, a monarch who is loved and a ruler of a civilization. With his decline comes paranoia, barbarity, abuse of power and fear. Around him are forty amateurs of various ages and body types. These anonymous figures form a mass, a swarm. They give the impression of a living-background that transforms into a forest, a tower or a battle field as the tableaux change.

A long-haul journey imbued with Elizabethan drama.”

– Oliver Dubois

Duration: 60 min.

A production by Ballet du Nord / Olivier Dubois – Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Hauts-de-France Nord-Pas de Calais Picardie. In coproduction with Productiehuis Rotterdam-Rotterdamse Schouwburg. With support by convention Institut Français & Métropole Européenne de Lille, Institut Français du Liban, Pro Helvetia.

Olivier Dubois

Artistic assistant
Cyril Accorsi

Coaching assistant
Karine Girard

Karine Girard, Marie-Laure Caradec and Sandra Savin

Sébastien Perrault

40 amateurs

François Caffenne

Light design
Patrick Riou

Chrystel Zingiro

Romain Marietti

Technical director
Robert Pereira

Emmanuel Gary

Jean-Philippe Borgogno

In Tragédie, Olivier Dubois projects us into a “feeling of the world” which is more than a choreography. The simple fact of being human does not make Humanity, this is the tragedy of our existence. Because it is only through bodies, through the terrestrial tension born from the steps taken by everyone, and by our conscious and voluntary commitments that this humanity will emerge. Over exposed in their nudity, to incarnate the clear anatomic variation in a better manner, nine women and nine men come up with an original bodily condition, a request from their human gender, after getting rid of their psychological, historical and sociological problems… and ultimately establishing a chorus of a glorious body/song. To walk, to be adjusted, to face up, in the beginning through a constant back and forth movement – then through a pounding of the floor and thus making the step the basic gesture of their willpower. Like in Révolution, Olivier gives us an obvious, obsessional or even a hypnotic show where in a movement of sorting and surfing, these women and men blend, disappear; the friction in their contact creates a thunder. A gap opens up and lets us catch a glimpse of a precious transcendance of human community in this terrestrial commotion.

“Tragédie is like a man’s footstep, moving toward awareness.

– Olivier Dubois

Duration: 90 min

A production by COD / Compagnie Olivier Dubois. In coproduction with Avignon festival, L’apostrophe scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du Val d’Oise, CENTQUATRE – Paris, La Rose des vents Scène nationale Lille Métropole à Villeneuve d’Ascq, Mâcon Scène nationale, Ballets de Monte-Carlo/Monaco Dance Forum, Malandain Ballet Biarritz dans le cadre de l’accueil studio, la Communauté d’agglomération de Saint-Quentin-en- Yvelines – Le Prisme. COD receives the DRAC Ile de France – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication choreographic company, the Région Ile- de-France, the Conseil Général du Val d’Oise, the SPEDIDAM help, la Communauté d’agglomération de Saint-Quentin-en- Yvelines – Le Prisme. Olivier Dubois is associated artist to le CENTQUATRE-Paris.

Creation and choreography
Olivier Doubis

Cyril Accorsi

François Caffenne

Light Design
Patrick Riou

General stage management
François Michaudel

Light engineer
Emmanuel Gary

By and with
Benjamin Bertrand, Arnaud Boursain, Marie-Laure Caradec, Sylvain Decloitre, Marianne Descamps, Virginie Garcia, Karine Girard, Carole Gomes, Inés Hernández, Isabelle Kürzi, Sébastien Ledig, Filipe Lourenço, Thierry Micouin, Jorge More Calderon, Loren Palmer, Rafael Pardillo, Sébastien Perrault and Sandra Savin

With this choreography for twelve female dancers, Olivier Dubois pays vibrant homage to the body, the female figure and dedication. A piece with manifestly strong allegorical potential, this ballet transforms the stage into a place of resistance, dialogue and collective insurrection. Fascinated by the obsessive dimension of Ravel’s “Boléro”, Olivier builds on these unstoppable rhythmics to exploit their warlike qualities. The first bar has begun, the revolution is underway. “Révolution is humanity taking over the microphone”, explains Olivier, as “only total and considered effort and commitment allow the treasure that is humanity to spring forth.

Révolution is the first part of the project “Etude Critique pour un Trompe-l’Oeil”

Duration: 130 min.

A production by COD – Compagnie Olivier Doubois. In coproduction with La Ménagerie de Verre, Communauté d’agglomération de Saint-Quentin- en-Yvelines – Le Prisme, TU in Nantes and Impulstanz, Vienna.

Concept and choreography
Olivier Dubois

Maurice Ravel "Boléro"

Musical Arrangements
François Caffenne

Cyril Accorsi

Light Design
Patrick Riou

Technical Director
Séverine Combes

By and with
Marie-Laure Caradec, Marianne Descamps, Pascale Franco, Sophie Gérard, Karine Girard, Carole Gomes, Capucine Goust, Jung-Ae Kim, Soleil Koster, Isabelle Kürzi, Vanessa Leprince, Clémentine Maubon, Aurélie Mouilhade, Stéphanie Pons, Sandra Savin and Francesca Ziviani

Olivier Dubois prefers to define himself as an author rather than a choreographer as he does not consider himself a researcher in movements. However, the intensity of the gesture and power of engagement on stage are striking elements in his creations. He considers bodies and heritage the tools of shaking up and questions what he thinks makes up man’s humanity: the capacity to rise up, shout, resist.

Olivier made his début as a professional dancer at age 23 and was voted one of the 25 best dancers in the world by Dance Europe magazine in 2011. As an interpreter, he has already shown his astonishing endurance and daring in plays by Angelin Preljocaj and Jan Fabre besides performing in numerous pieces by acclaimed choreographers and directors such as Laura Simi, Karine Saporta,  Charles Cré-Ange, Cirque du Soleil, Dominique Boivin and Sasha Waltz.

In 1999, he started creating his own work and founded in 2007 the Compagnie Olivier Dubois to pursue his adventures in choreography. In 2006 and 2007 he presented the two-part project BDanse: En Sourdine and Peter Pan. In 2008, he created Faune(s) for the Festival d’Avignon (inspired by Nijinksy’s L’après-midi d’un faune), and won the first Prix Jardin d’Europe in Vienna in the same year. In 2009, Dubois’ month-long exhibition at the Centre National de la Danse, L’interprète dévisagé, garnered more publicity. He was subsequently commissioned to choreograph a piece for the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Spectre, which premiered in 2010. The same year he brought another of his creations to the Lyon Dance Biennial: L’homme de l’Atlantique, a duet to the music of Frank Sinatra.

In 2009, he choreographed a production of Offenbach’s La Périchole for the Operas of Lille, Nantes and Limoges, directed by Bérangère Jannelle. In the same year he began a trilogy, Étude critique pour un trompe l’oeil. The first piece, Révolution, debuted at the Ménagerie de Verre in Paris, and the second part, a solo called Rouge, was first performed in December 2011. The final piece, Tragédie, premiered at the Festival d’Avignon in 2012. In 2011, Olivier led a group of 120 non-professional dancers in a piece entitled Envers et face à tous at Le Prisme in Élancourt. Olivier also created Élégie for the Ballet National de Marseille as part of the Marseille 2013 European Capital of Culture festival. He was named best choreographer at the 2013 Danza&Danza Awards for the pieces Tragédie and Élégie. His production, Souls, performed by six dancers from different African nations, premiered in 2013 following rehearsals in Cairo and Dakar. In 2015, Olivier created Mon Élue noire Sacre # 2, a solo for Germaine Acogny for which she received the Bessie Award 2018, and a new solo Les Mémoires d’un seigneur. His creation Auguri with 24 dancers, was created in 2016 in Hamburg. De l’origine, a new duo choreography created for the Royal Ballet of Sweden, followed in 2017. In 2017, he also created his first young audience show with 3 interpreters, 7 x Rien, which is about the 7 deadly sins. In October 2017, he took the challenge to keep 300 amateurs dancing under the Canopée des Halles during the Nuit Blanche in Paris.

Alongside his work as a choreographer and performer, Olivier teaches and runs workshops for a number of international dance companies and schools including the Vienna State Opera, the National School of Dance in Athens, the Cairo Opera Ballet Company, Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, Ballet Preljocaj, and the École des Beaux-Arts in Monaco. From 2014 until 2018 Olivier Dubois was director of the Ballet du Nord.

At the moment Olivier is preparing three new productions to be premiered between 2018-2020.



My body of coming forth by day


Les Mémoires d’un seigneur